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October 2021 Feature

Preservation Transformation:

1920s home restored to its former glory

In a city like Knoxville, there is no shortage of history, Knox Heritage believes in preserving that history the best we can. We tend to agree, which is why we were honored and excited to be a part of restoring this 1920s Fort Sanders home. 

The project began when Fort Sanders hospital needed to expand their parking garage, but there was a historic overlay protecting the homes in the area. They contacted Knox Heritage offering to donate this home if someone would come get it–thus began phase 1: move the house to a new location.

The lot across the street was also donated, so it wasn’t a long distance to travel. Still, moving a 100 year old home is no easy feat! Knox Heritage needed a contractor to help with the initial job of creating a new foundation for the home. McCamy was happy to get involved with this exciting project.

Once the new foundation was set on the new lot, Knox Heritage moved their focus onto phase 2: restoring the exterior of the home. They were happy with the work that McCamy had done during phase 1 and decided to bring us along on the whole journey. Their Historic Properties Committee made design decisions and began bringing this home back to life!

After new siding, windows and roofing dressed up the exterior, it was time to focus on the interior. The original 100 year old floors were restored, and finishes were chosen to restore the original charm of this historic home.

Working with such an old home can certainly come with challenges, but a representative from Knox Heritage said McCamy’s president, Grant, provided important knowledge and expertise. “McCamy had a lot of expertise and experience to bring to working on older buildings. I would definitely recommend them, and have continued to recommend them,” the rep said. 

Now that this labor of love is complete, Knox Heritage and their Historic Properties Committee is looking forward to what’s next. If you are passionate about preserving Knoxville’s history, check out their website for how to get involved. Whether it is time, knowledge or resources, you can become a part of what Knox Heritage is all about!