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September 2021 Feature

A Place To Grow

This month’s featured project was born out of a need for more functional space in a home that provided a great location and room to grow. Purchased in 2013, this home was well-loved but not serving the family as well as they would have liked. They wanted to create a space that would meet their needs better. “We needed more space, but it was also about creating a better use of the space we already had,” the homeowner explained.

  They always planned on renovating, but the scale of the project ended up greater than they had initially thought. Several months quarantined at home tends to have that effect! They settled on plans for an addition that would expand the kitchen, as well as renovated bathroom and laundry room spaces.   They were impressed by McCamy’s work on other homes, and chose to work with us after feeling a good connection with our team. “We knew that a project this large and important required good, trusted relationships,” the homeowner reflected. One important relationship is that between our clients and interior designer, Ashley. For homeowners who know what they want but not necessarily how to articulate it, Ashley is there to interpret what they are looking for. “Ashley was a huge bonus for us. She was great to understand what we needed, narrow down things for us to look at, and ultimately help us make the choices that resulted in a look we love!”   The homeowners added that the McCamy team ran the project in a way that took all the pressure off of them. “The best part of the experience was simply that we got to be the homeowners and nothing more – McCamy takes care of everything!  It is stressful enough to be in the middle of a large project, but McCamy makes it as easy as possible by always taking charge.”   After living in the new space for a while, they love seeing the space the way they had always envisioned it. Their home finally has everything they have needed and wanted, making the entire space more enjoyable and functional for everyone!  
“We would absolutely recommend McCamy.  We trusted them with a huge part of our lives, and we are pleased with the results.  It feels so good to know that we finally completed the project we have always needed, and that we love the result.”
  If you’re interested in creating your own perfect space with McCamy after that endorsement, contact us here today! Need some more inspiration before getting started? Save your favorite McCamy projects photos on Pinterest, and stay up to date on Instagram and Facebook