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January 2019 Feature

From Plans to Completion:

Custom Build in Farragut Serves As Model Of McCamy Quality

From framing to finishing, Kim Frasch knows his way around new home construction. He got an early start by working on his father’s construction crew when he was in college, and then by building six homes of his own throughout the years.

So when he and his wife, Karoline, decided to return to her native East Tennessee from Atlanta for retirement, there was little question that they’d build a custom home. The first one they built in the area was in Rarity Bay, where Kim soon became a superintendent working with other new homeowners and builders.

While at Rarity Bay, Kim got to know Sam McCamy, founder of McCamy Construction, and the two enjoyed many long conversations about constructing the ideal model home. So when Kim and Karoline decided to move to Farragut to have less of a commute for his music ministry work serving 30 senior communities in West Knoxville, Sam had just the right plot of land and Kim had the plan.

Like many retired couples, Kim and Karoline wanted three bedrooms and two baths, all on one level, with the master bedroom on one end and the guest rooms on the other. They modified an existing Stephen Davis home design plan called The Olivia by adding two feet to each end and turning part of the basement into a third car garage space.

“McCamy helped us build the model three bedroom, 2 bath home, within budget,” Kim says. “We worked very closely with Ashley Jones, McCamy’s Director of Design, who is par excellence; she’s just wonderful. We stuck close to her and she guided us to get what we liked without going outside of the budget.”

Ashley helped the couple select materials that suited their tastes but didn’t break the budget. For example, using a level 2 granite in the kitchen, a laminate countertop in the laundry room, and cultured marble countertops in the bathrooms fit the budget without compromising the top-notch quality the couple wanted. Kim says, “The materials like laminate and cultured marble that they have now are top drawer, first class, and it was all within budget.”

With 2,800 square-feet on the main level and a nearly 500-square-foot studio over the upper garage for Kim’s musical equipment, the house couldn’t feel more perfect for the Frasch’s. “I’ve built six homes on my own,” Kim says, “And I can say no one beats McCamy quality or their collaborative process.

“I’ve never been in a house that’s so tight, safe, and well-built; it’s like we’re cocooned. When you sign up with McCamy you’re signing up for the lifestyle you’ve envisioned. This looks like a home that costs a lot more to build than it actually did.”

Kim notes that there were many seemingly small choices that made a big difference, such as building R31 walls rather than the standard R19 and insulated interior walls between the bedrooms and the great room to reduce sound transfer. “Our bedrooms face the interstate, but the house is so well built that we aren’t aware it’s there,” Kim says. Other custom choices that were made to suit the couple’s lifestyle include:

  • 5 heating and cooling zones for energy efficiency and precise temperature balance.
  • Hot and cold water spigots in upper and lower garages for washing the car or dog.
  • Electrical plugs on stairway in case an electrical chair is needed when they’re older.
  • Waist-high outlets in the basement for musician friends to plug in instruments.
  • Entry level Anderson windows that open so that it’s easy to clean the outside panes.

The Building Process

Kim believes that when you build a home with McCamy, you’re buying into their process, their team, and their quality of workmanship. He says, “McCamy has local and loyal subcontractors. With some builders, there’s no telling who your masons are going to be, or who will be doing your wiring. But when we were getting bids we knew McCamy’s masons are using the best technology concepts and that the framers are very good. We met the finish carpenters, who were very articulate when explaining their work and are extremely good at what they do.”

The other McCamy factor that gave Kim and Karoline great peace of mind was the team’s use of a digital app that keeps homeowners up-to-date about a project’s progress on a daily basis.

“Every night, Greg Johnson, our Job Superintendent, put notes and pictures in the app,” Kim explains. “I would get a notification to see the update and I could message them back. Ashley and I could communicate on what was being done through the app at any step.

“The brilliant part is that the app creates a daily documentation of the whole project—what has been done, what’s been decided or changed. With all that documentation, it’s clear what needs to be done and errors are prevented or virtually eliminated. This communication model would be perfect for an absentee homeowner who can’t be at the site every day. They can go to their app every night and see what has been done.”

Opening Their Home to Pay It Forward

Kim and Karoline are so pleased with their new home that they’re willing to open their doors to anyone who wants to see a model of McCamy’s quality of construction. Kim says that he feels it’s a simple way to pay McCamy forward, as well as to honor his friend Sam McCamy, who passed away last July.

He says, “Realtors can bring a couple who’s considering moving to the area, for example, or people who are considering building can make an appointment with us to see our home as a model of McCamy quality. Already, a few older couples who are considering downsizing now that their kids are out of the house have been interested in reviewing the floor plan.

“People can see the difference in the details, like the joinery, the carpet padding, or in every finish. People can see that this is what McCamy builds, this is what can be done on a budget without giving up high quality work.

“Our house is not showy,” Kim adds. “It’s just right, and it’s a home you can grow old in. Anyone who builds with McCamy is going to be well pleased. They’re getting the best house they can possibly get for their invested dollar, and they will get a home that delivers the lifestyle they envisioned.”

Kim says he’s so satisfied with the process of working with McCamy and the quality of his custom home that he feels impelled to act as an advocate. He explains,”McCamy will build the house you want to live in, not one you will just settle for.”

Creating custom solutions to delight each homeowner is what motivates the team at McCamy Construction, whether it’s for a renovation or for the design and construction of a new home. You can check out some of our other projects on our website or blog, or follow us on Facebook to see updates on other inspiring projects we’re working on!

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