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Process, Progress, Perfection

Until you’ve been through the building process yourself, it may remain a bit of a mystery. From foundation to framing to fixtures, there’s a method behind the madness. The McCamy team is full of pros who know how to navigate the process from start to finish. This month, we are sharing five projects, each in a different stage of construction, to highlight how we stay on top of things in this crazy builders’ market.

Let’s kick it off with some concrete walls being poured in Tennessee National this week! This new custom home project is only a foundation for now, but we can’t wait to see it take shape. It won’t be long before framing begins and we really start to see the home come to life. 

Next up, a Rarity Bay custom home with a separate mother-in-law suite (aptly named Mom’s Mountain House) is almost ready for drywall! Once framing is complete, it’s time to rough-in everything that needs to go behind those walls. HVAC, electrical and plumbing has been underway down in the Bay, and the completed roof and installed windows sure bring this home along nicely!

Our California Countryside project is just ahead of Mom’s Mountain House with drywall finishing up this week. Once walls are primed, the fun stuff can start to happen! Cabinets will go in, tile will begin to be prepped, and brick will be laid on the exterior. The home’s style will start to show when these selections come to life on site.

Speaking of style, we are loving how our Rarity Rancher is looking with cabinets, stone and beams installed. With tile completed and countertops installed, it won’t be long before fixtures start to add some pizazz.

That brings us to our Home on the Tee project, which is nearing completion soon! All that’s left here is tying up loose ends and making sure the home is move-in ready for our clients. We are so close on this one, so stay tuned to see her pull on into the finish line!

Edgeview Escape

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may remember the first home we started in Rarity Bay we’ve been calling our Edgeview Escape project. Exciting news on the lakefront–our homeowners are all moved in! We can’t wait to see how they make their house a home. We’ll be sure to share all the dreamy details inside and out, so make sure you’re tuned in. Find all the ways to keep up with McCamy here.

Now that you know a little bit more about the process of building your dream home, maybe you’re ready to get started! Contact McCamy today if you’re looking to build in Rarity Bay, Tennessee National or the Knoxville area. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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