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August 2021 Feature

Big City, Small Community:

New Meets Old in Sequoyah Hills

In a city like Knoxville, many are in search of a community to make this town feel a little bit smaller. The residents of Sequoyah Hills truly have the best of both worlds−a small-town feel right in the heart of the city. The charming neighborhood has been around for nearly 100 years and has become a prime location for families to place their roots−this month’s featured homeowners included!

In 2018, these McCamy clients purchased a home right next door to some good friends and began to dream up ways to make it their forever home. After renovating the existing structure, they were still left needing more space. The homeowners wanted to add an extra bedroom + bathroom, garage and screened-in porch. As always with a project like this one, it was important that the new space flowed right into the old, both in layout and design style. They met with the McCamy team, and trusted them to get it done right! “We were very comfortable with Grant – his demeanor and his ability to identify potential issues on the front end,” the homeowner reflected.

In working with McCamy’s interior designer, Ashley, the main goal was ensuring that the addition fit right into the existing selections in the home. The homeowner explained that Ashley understood how they best made decisions and made the process much less overwhelming.  “She recognized that we did not want to see every option.  Ashley curated 2-3 options and made it much more efficient for us to evaluate and make decisions.”

Now that the project is complete, the family is loving their new spaces. “The screened-in porch has become the focal point of our home.  We have a basement living room area that used to be our family space.  We hardly ever use that space now because we love the porch so much!”

Adding the laundry room right off of the primary suite also greatly improved the functionality of their home, and custom built-ins really made the most of the new hallway. Ashley took their ideas, created drawings, and brought their vision to life!

In all, we added over 2000 square feet to the home! From custom features inside to an expansive new living area outside, the homeowners have a space that is truly their own. “We are very happy with our decision to add on, and McCamy’s work overall has been very good!”

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